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Reward your day

Initiate something extraordinary.


Bring company. By introducing your friends to Van Sweet Home, you can earn limitless rewards.

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All it takes is a few steps.

You can refer as many friends as you like!


Simply share your unique referral link with friends who might be interested in purchasing one of our services.


When they purchase using your link, you and your friend will receive benefits.


It's a win-win!

You both earn

Send a referral link to a friend who can refer as many friends as you want. 


When your friend purchases our services, you earn $20 to spend on anything from Van Sweet Home services to Amazon Gift Cards, and your friend gets a $20 discount on the service.

Amazon Gidt Cards
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Discover our shop

At our store, you can shop for products, earn discounts, and even redeem Amazon gift cards. Explore now!

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