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Wall of Love 😍 

Explore our Wall of Love, where clients and friends share heartwarming housing journey experiences. We go beyond facilitating, and becoming your companions in the quest for the perfect home. Each testimonial is a trust-filled brick, defining our collaborative journey.


Join us in celebrating more than 3.200 stories, gratitude, and the shared joy of finding a home sweet home with warmth and professionalism. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  
This is why we do what we do

Van Sweet Home Client
“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

Alexa Young, CA


Giovany Lopez Nechiza
October 2023  -  Ottawa, Canada

“We were moving to Ottawa and we didn't know how to start searching for a place. When we took VSH services, Ananda helped us and guided us through all the process, from searching until the move in date. She understands what is the challege to start a new life in a different country and she makes sure you have a smooth and warm settlement, giving you advice in every step.
It's been 2 months since we moved in and the place is good so far, I'm glad we decided to take this service because it saved us a lot of effort when we arrive to this beautiful city."


January 2024  -  Kitchener, ON

"Michely is wonderful and it is always a pleasure working with her!!

Cecilia Martelli
January 2024  -  Kitchener, ON

"Rodrigo was very attentive and helped a lot in the process of renting our new residence. For those who have pets, Van Sweet Home has very interesting options to offer!" 

Janaina Frigotto Martins
November 2023  -  Ottawa, Canada

“I was extremely satisfied with Van Sweet Home, in particular the consultant Ananda, who assisted us here in Ottawa, she was very helpful, direct and practical, I definitely recommend it to anyone arriving, the investment is very low compared to the safety and practicality of the service, When we arrive, we need to relearn how to live, there are many small details of everyday life that are different and this is very tiring for the mind, so having something huge like housing so you don't have to worry about it is very worth it..”

Livia Freitas
November 2023  -  Toronto, ON

"We found the company through a video on YouTube, contacted them and from the first contact we were enchanted! They are very helpful, Rafaella who accompanied us was wonderful, always available to us in everything related to the apartment. I loved it and highly recommend it!! Arriving here without knowing anyone, a whole new world and already having our apartment in our hands was extremely important for us. My husband and I loved it and recommend it 100%! Thank you to Van Sweet Home, thank you to Rafaella, very sweet to us 🤩♥️."

"I highly recommend Van Sweet Home's service!!! The service was wonderful! Very helpful and quick with everything we needed! Thanks to Van Sweet Home!."

Matheus Bizari


Maria Eduarda Jardim
September 2023 -  Montreal, QC

"My husband and I looked for the Van Sweet Home because we would like to arrive in Canada with our rented house. We contacted the company on September 11, 2023, made the first call and closed the contract. Over the days we did research and saw what best fit our profile. The apartment is brand new, we are the first residents. Brand new building too! More perfect impossible. Ahhh, on top of that, it’s also pet friendly! We just have to thank Van Sweet Home. In addition to all this, Barbara also gave us tips on cleaning products, dealerships, pet shops and much more! Always very requested with us!"

Alex Schneider
January 2024  -  Vancouver

"My wife, our dog, and I embarked on the beginning of 2023 to fulfill a dream: experiencing an overseas adventure as a family while improving our English and knowledge.All the immigration paperwork was done solo, with dedication and effort, and we left the housing issue for after our visa approvals.That's when the problems started. We had very little time to find a place to stay, and Airbnb wasn't a viable option. Following recommendations from friends living in Canada, we discovered Van Sweet Home, and I can already say it was the best decision we made.With just 15 days to find a place to stay, Rodrigo accomplished the unimaginable, and within a single day, we secured an apartment to call our home.The entire process was swift, straightforward, and hassle-free. When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and received much more than what was promised in the service.I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a smoother housing process, as I can assure you that the challenges of renting can be enormous. Once again, a big thank you to Rodrigo and the Van Sweet Home team for their partnership. We couldn't have done it without you!"

Lucas Carvalho
November 2023  -  Montreal

"Without the help of Bárbara Quentin and Van Sweet Home, I wouldn't have been able to find a house to live in, and even more so with a pet.
It was because of her that I managed to do it, and I can only be grateful for that.
They were perfect in every aspect and Bárbara was even willing to drive 50 minutes to find a place in the neighborhood I had in mind (as it was close to my work)."

Patricia Betta
Outubro de 2023  -  Vancouver

"Our experience was wonderful!! Extremeland professional, dedicated to the client's goals and able to understand exactly the family's particularities. Congratulations!!! For excellence in everything!!! The team was punctual and until they found the apartment they didn't leave us. Especially Rodrigo and Gisele."

Livia do Prado
October 2023 -  Canada

"Excellent service, attentive and efficient staff. I recommend it to everyone who is leaving their country and looking for a home here in Canada. The apartment we found was above our expectations! Searching for a home is a very important stage in the entire immigration process and investing in this advice made all the difference. We will definitely hire Van Sweet Home's services again in the next move. My husband and I were completely satisfied."

Leticia Puk
November 2023 -  Ottawa

"Very good work, Ananda was the one who helped us, she found our house and we are loving it 💖💖"

Melchyor Cortez
July 2023 -  Vancouver

"Excellent service from Moniza, without a doubt, it was essential to the success of our application"

Paulo Gomes Granjeiro
Outubro de 2023  -  Ottawa

My experience was very good. Even though the price was high, we got an apartment very quickly. Ananda from Van Sweet Home in Ottawa helped us. She was very sweet and always got in touch to update us on how the process of renting an apartment was going. So I recommend it to anyone who can pay for the service and doesn't want to have a headache when renting. I just recommend getting in touch as soon as possible so that you can align your preferences with Van Sweet Home."

Maria Nathalia
Outubro de 2023  -  Ottawa

"Ananda was our consultant, and from the first conversation, she was always very helpful and objective with the information. We found the apartment in the location and with the characteristics we wanted, and the whole process was very quick. Without a doubt, we recommend the Van Sweet Home service so that your arrival in Canada is smoother and straight to your new home."

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