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Bruna and Luiz

Bruna, Luiz, and their two daughters chose North Vancouver to live. 


They left their established careers in the city they lived in Brazil to start anew in Vancouver with a very clear goal in mind: quality time with family and security.


Bruna confessed that in the final moments in Brazil, their eldest daughter no longer enjoyed a playground in the square if it was getting dark.


She preferred to go home early, afraid of violence even at a young age. Here in North Van, they leave school in the late afternoon and go straight to the parks to play, no matter if it's daylight or night. And the sense of security they feel while playing in the streets and parks is evident. Their house is surrounded by greenery, with a stream in front.


They are just a few minutes' drive from snow-capped mountains, and they love playing on the ice, making snowmen, sliding in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, and being children as they should be. Without worrying about anything, just about the next playtime.


Growing up in a country like Canada, with quality of life and security, is a privilege that Bruna and Luiz feel as they provide this to their daughters.


Van Sweet Home is very proud of every success story it helps build and wishes quality time and lots of fun for all the families that have arrived and will still arrive here.

Bruna and Luiz's family has grown. They welcomed a beautiful Canadian here, And as a bonus, permanent residency after much struggle to meet all the requirements. Soon, the family will become Canadian to match with the newborn ❤️

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