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Andre e Leon

Andre and Leon met at the airline where they worked, flying together. Both shared the same dream of living an experience outside Brazil. It was in 2021 that the decision came to fruition.


They chose Surrey to live, in an apartment facing the mountains, unparalleled. There, they share the best of life together: freshly brewed coffee, Netflix, and small talk, and they are already counting down the days to start enjoying wines on the balcony as soon as the weather warms up in the mountains. While one studies and works part-time, the other works full-time. This way, they are building a new story together in Vancouver.


 A story that already has special appearances. As soon as they arrived, they gave a beautiful testimony to Van Sweet Home, talking about their experience. Another couple who would come to Vancouver next saw the testimony on social media, hired us, and asked to live in Surrey too.


Today, the four of them (Andre, Leon, Guilherme, and Felipe) share special moments together, like Christmas, New Year's, and birthdays, but they also share simple moments, like this photo session in the park very close to their home.


Seeking a friend, a reference before arriving in the city, can be a great way to relieve your anxiety and share your doubts. Count on us to not only find houses but also to find connections.

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